Many people took part in our drawing study. We have not been able to publish all their work, however we would like to thank every contributor personally. Not everyone who gave us a drawing gave us his or her name. Thank you to all those anonymous participants as well as the 150 people listed here:

UK ArtScience Prize 2014 students

Ravensbourne: Michael Bailey, Georgy Binns Binns, Matilda Bluebell Bonich, Jack Carr, Beau Chivers, Frederick Cooper, Megan Davies, Elisabeth Doye, Jacob Fielding, Joe Flood, Amy Foxwell, Joel Gambleton, Chantelle Guan, Kayshan Hinds, Hye Lein Hyun, Keenan Joseph, Maria Kivakude, Ben Maclean, Aliyah Matabaro, Victor McCallum, Nancy Ngobese, Michael Olowo-Ofayoko, Daisy Preston, Dougal Sisouri-Masters, Eleri Smith, Can Sommer, Siena Reed, Ashley Robertshaw, Hannah Tasane, Siedah Waller

Landau Forte College: Ayman Asif, Jazzie Bal, Daniel Billings Leoni Bird, Ranica Brown, Josephine Clarke, Bill Divers-England, Nathan Edwards, Taya Evans, Ryan Fee, Nicola Gallear, Jordan Grewel, Dominique Hardaker, Madhia Ilyas, Holly Lloyd- Jones, Daniel Madeley, Manny Nizzer, Dannan Patton, Jake Pierrepont, Rahmatullah Rahmani, Alena Sahota, Simran Shrestha, Harmeet Singh Lally, Jagvinderpal Singh, Korie Slater, Jake Stevenson, Vaibhav Verma, Ahmaan Waseem, Molly Willmott, Ayman Yeyha Ali

V&A Digital Design Weekend 2014 visitors

April, L Jocelyn Bennett, Meryem Benyahya, Andrew Brennan, Olivia Brotherton, Harry Brown, Millie Brown, Oscar Brown, Christine Buxton, Andrew Carter, Kate Clarke, Zafira Costello, Amaya Cotterill, Lauren Davidson, Marion Denby, Sophie Fraser, Leticia Ghaffar, Janishka Ghatge, Camilla Hefti, Luke Herring, Tonina Hoang, Siân Hughes, Aashua Kesani, Janneke van de Laar, Grace Lamont, Kate Langham, Tao Li, Zhengni Li, Anna Lis, Sebastian Lis, Ana Carolina Lopez, Iria Lopez, Kirsty Mann, Howie Mantell, Flora Millward, Natalie Mitchell, Nataliya Nazar, Nadezhda Nesheva, Peter O’Brien, Oliwier Ockierejho, Candice O’Donnell, Kerry O’Donnell, Victoria O’Neill, Corinna Howard Perkins, Leila Howard Perkins, Sam Parkinson, Francesca Perona, Ioanna Pona, Nico Pybus, Sabina Pybus, Livia Righi, Christine Robinson, Janet Robinson, Katherine Sandford-Anderson, Orowa Sikder, Jennifer Silverstone, Daria Skorus, Alan Slater, Katie Starmach, Beatrice Stephenson, Victoria Strauss, Vincent Sun, Anouk Sylvestre, Jessica Taylor, Michael Thomas, Ian Thompson, Wei Wang, Anthony Watson, Luke Ward, Anna Westacott, Arthur Wexler, Dodi Wexler, Jacob Wexler, Noah Wexler, Freya Wilk, Holly Wilk, Maximus Wilk, Ravinder Wilk, Hetty Wood, Alicia Wright, Pete Wright, Pei-Shan Wu, Christina Yaxi Lee, Fang Ya Yun, Willow Zhang, Armilla Zhundibayeva, Max Zimdahl, Saul Zimdahl, Dovydas Zyiius

This book was made possible through the enthusiasm of over 180 people who generously took the time to create drawings of what they think energy looks like at three exhibitions and workshops in 2013 and 2014. We would like to thank the Victoria and Albert Museum and particularly, Irini Papadimitriou for the opportunity to exhibit at the Digital Design Weekend 2014 and all the members of the public who visited the V&A that weekend and created drawings.

We would also like to thank the UK ArtScience Prize 2014 and Ignite!, particularly Emilie Glazer, for inviting us to be involved in the project and all the students and staff from Landau Forte College Derby, the Derby Silk Mill and Ravensbourne who participated.

Thirdly we would like to thank all the members of the public who visited the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design Life Examined exhibition in September 2013, and who created drawings in the gallery; and we would like to thank all the participants in our research interviews.

We would also like to thank Dr Jo-Anne Bichard, Senior Research Fellow at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, who helped us reflect upon and analyse the drawings and Margaret Durkan, Communications Manager at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, who supported the production and publication of this book. We also gratefully acknowledge the support of the INTERREG IVB North-West Europe programme, and the enthusiasm and support of our SusLabNWE colleagues from other institutions.

Some of the drawings in this collection are anonymous, but where we are able, we have credited the artists individually above. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas and images of energy with us.