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Authors: Flora Bowden, Dan Lockton, Rama Gheerawo, Clare Brass

Editor: Rama Gheerawo

About the authors

Flora Bowden is a Research Associate for SustainRCA at the Royal College of Art and from 2013-2015 was a researcher on the SusLabNWE project. She is interested in exploring social and environmental issues in art and design. Through SusLabNWE she has focused on the use of drawing to understand people’s perceptions of intangible environmental conditions.

Dr Dan Lockton is a designer and researcher interested in behaviour change and public understanding of everyday systems. At the Royal College of Art, he is Visiting Research Tutor in Innovation Design Engineering, and from 2013-15 was a Senior Research Associate in the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, working on the SusLabNWE project.

Rama Gheerawo is Deputy Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design and the RCA Reader in Inclusive Design. With nearly two decades in the design industry, his interest is in people-centred and socially inclusive design. He leads the Centre’s Age & Ability Research Lab, which creates design that improves the lives of people of all ages and abilities. Rama was Royal College of Art Principal Investigator for the SuslabNWE project.

Clare Brass set up and is Head of SustainRCA. She is Senior Design Tutor in Innovation Design Engineering and a mentor for the Ellen Macarthur Foundation’s Schmidt-Macarthur Fellowship programme. She has led a number of commercial and academic design research projects with a particular focus on food, energy and water. Clare was the Royal College of Art’s Co-Investigator for the SusLabNWE project.

Book details

Bowden, F., Lockton, D., Gheerawo, R. and Brass, C. (2015). Drawing Energy: Exploring Perceptions of the Invisible. London: Royal College of Art.

Editor: Rama Gheerawo

Design: Hannah Montague

Photography: Dan Lockton, Matthew Harrison, Karolina Raczynska

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Book printer: Seacourt

Drawing Energy: Exploring Perceptions of the Invisible © Royal College of Art 2015 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU

ISBN 978-1-910642-10-8

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